Danny Met Sally: Why improving venue accessibility is the next step to inclusion

According to the Australian Human Rights Commission, more than 4 million people in Australia experience living with a disability. People living with a disability, and their friends, families and communities, make up a significant portion of society, yet their needs can often be overlooked, unintentionally or otherwise.

At Danny Met Sally, our purpose is to change the world for the better for people living with a disability. We know that creating an inclusive society where everyone is able to participate means focusing on venue accessibility as the next piece of the puzzle. If people living with a disability are able to feel at ease and safe, inclusion is a given.

How can we start making venue accessibility a priority?

Easy ways that venues can start to prioritise accessibility is by making the effort to examine their preexisting facilities. Is there an accessible toilet on site? Is there access to all floors via ramps or elevators? Are instructions clear and easy to read? In the event of an emergency, do evacuation procedures accommodate to people living with a disability?

Establishing where your venue is currently at with your level of accessibility can help pave a clear way forward to prioritising more inclusivity in future.

Tailored care, to break down your barriers

Danny Met Sally believes that no one should face limitations. We pride ourselves on being able to customise our care to the individual participant’s needs. There is no one-size-fits-all, and we work tirelessly to ensure we can provide the best service for those that need it most – removing barriers wherever we can.

The quality of care we deliver at Danny Met Sally is high, for both our clients and our staff. Our premium care services are tailored to each individual person to make sure our clients can live their lives to the fullest the way they want to, and when you work with us, you know you can look forward to a positive mindset, a listening ear and a commitment to wellbeing.

Experience the Danny Met Sally difference for yourself and learn more about our disability support and disability housing options.

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