Extraordinary operatic voice Tim McCallum will be joining us as our 2023 Expo Ambassador

We’re so excited to announce Tim McCallum as this year’s Brisbane Disability Expo Ambassador. Tim is an Australian opera singer who has a performance career spanning over 25 years. Whilst his many achievements speak for themselves, his voice tells a story like no other. 

Tim looks at living with a disability as nothing to be slowed down by. Having been faced with a life altering accident at 18, Tim had two options. He could sulk, or he could sing. Today, Tim uses his voice for good, demonstrating to audiences everywhere that his disability hasn’t stopped him.  

From a musical childhood, spans a musical life 

Tim has been singing since he was six years old. 

“I was always a show off. Being so extroverted, I always knew I would end up in the arts doing some kind of performance. I dabbled in sport, scouts, and more, but singing was always my favourite,” said Tim.  

After performing some Christmas Carols at the age of 12, the seed was planted, and Tim knew exactly what he wanted to do. 

“It’s a hard industry, I can’t lie. But I’ve never been out of work. I don’t let the competitiveness of the job get in the way – I keep on creating, learning, and growing,” Tim said. 

Tim had it all from a musical standpoint – he was well on his way to all his dreams coming true, even being accepted into a performing arts college that would’ve written his future in stone.  

Suddenly, a diving accident left Tim quadriplegic, and he was told he wouldn’t be able to sing again. His world had been transformed overnight.  

Tim’s story: doing what you love, no matter what 

Passion underpins everything that Tim does – and he knew that his passion for music was powerful enough to stick around, no matter what. 

“When my accident first happened, the only thing that made me feel like myself was music. No matter what, I knew I had to make sure I could keep doing what I loved,” said Tim. 

Deep down, Tim knew that he still had many different options, but above all – he knew that he still had the option to live the life that he wanted to live.  

“If you have a passion, a love – you’ll do anything to keep it, to pursue it. Nothing will stand in the way of that,” Tim said. 

Today, Tim works as a performer alongside a part time role with Spinal Life Australia as a Peer Support Officer. 

“I help new patients and their families understand their injury, and what they can expect moving forward. It really helps open them up to all the different possibilities that are available to them, and reminds them they’re not alone” said Tim. 

Options galore at the Brisbane Disability Expo 

As our Ambassador for the Brisbane Disability Expo, Tim understands the importance of showcasing all the different options available to participants and their families. 

“By going to these expos, your eyes are opened so much wider to the greater world of disability support. For me, it’s about finding a solution to a problem – it’s really a wonderful showcase of all the different solutions available,” Tim said. 

By having so many options available in terms of equipment, social services, and more, participants are able to truly decide what is best for them. They can make a real connection with exhibitors and find the support that works best. 

“Tailor your support. There are so many different options out there, and each organisation has its own attributes that others might not have,” said Tim.  

The Brisbane Disability Expo brings together countless support options for people living with a disability, their families, and the wider disability communities. Over 140 exhibitors will come together to demonstrate their services, including assistive technology, support work, plan management, and more.  

See Tim at our Brisbane Disability Expo, taking place on Friday the 13th & Saturday the 14th of October 2023. We work to link service and product providers with the wider disability community, allowing you to control your future and make it your choice.