Introducing Aruma


There’s a new name in the disability services sector.

A new name that’s made up of two trusted organisations with a combined history of over 100 years.

You may remember them as House with No Steps and The Tipping Foundation (in Victoria).

They are now Aruma.

So, why the name change?

“We were two leading organisations founded by incredible and passionate people: Lionel and Dorothy Watts, and Bill and Marjorie Tipping,” said Aruma CEO Andrew Richardson.

“We came together in March 2018, and since our merger we have taken the time to consider what we should be called in the future.”

With names that stood for so much, considering the future brand of the merged group was a big task. The organisation spoke with hundreds of its staff and a cross-section of customers and their families to understand their views.

“We’ve grown so much in recent years. In addition to House with No Steps and The Tipping Foundation joining forces, we’ve welcomed customers and staff from other providers, and the New South Wales and Victorian Governments.

“Our staff and customers encouraged us to be bold and to look seriously at adopting a new name. The feeling was that this would not only unite us internally, it would also position us more clearly in the rapidly-changing NDIS world,” said Mr Richardson.

What does Aruma mean?

Aruma has its roots in languages and cultures from all over the world.

It means a happy place, to plough the land, being real and true, and the calm time between sunset and sunrise – when the body and soul renew for a new day.

But the organisation is not so focused on literal explanations.

“For us, Aruma is what we make it. Aruma is a trailblazer. Aruma puts customers first and never entertains a one-size-fits-all approach. Aruma raises the bar higher,” said Mr Richardson.

“Aruma is our bold, new chapter, and we’re incredibly excited, and humbled, to be writing this together with our staff and our customers.”

Keen to have a chat with the Aruma team?

You can reach them on 1300 538 736 or Better yet, come and meet members of our team at the Brisbane Disability Expo, Friday and Saturday, 1 and 2 November, Royal International Convention Centre.