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2022 has been a super busy year in each of the Life Stream Australia office locations, with positive changes happening everywhere while the organisation grows to meet the demand of best practice, top quality service provision.

As the year draws to a close, we’ve still have a couple of super exciting opportunities to share our ideas and meet with new Participants, Representatives and staff. The organisation is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the Brisbane Disability Expo in mid October, where we will join with many other providers to share our achievements, knowledge and experience and explore new opportunities.

With Cath Wilson (CEO) and Julie Saunderson (State Manager) at the helm, the organisation this year proudly celebrates 60 years of leadership in the disability sector. The experience and knowledge Cath and Julie bring to not only the organisation, but the industry, is considered of the highest quality and they strive to provide opportunities to others to learn from their immense experience.

Life Stream Australia is beginning a period of growth having managed both the full transition to NDIS and then quickly on the heels of this, managing our response to the pandemic. We are proud to continue providing the best possible supports, in an ever changing industry, that always puts the needs and plans of the Participant at the top of our decision making process. Ensuring our Participants are engaged in their activity, community and life of choice remains our commitment to the sector.