Empowering Lives Through Excellence in Disability Support

In a world where care and support for individuals living with disabilities are paramount, Anchored Care emerges as a beacon of hope and excellence, guided by a set of core values that define their mission. Anchored Care’s vision is not just to provide services, but to create a brighter future for individuals with disabilities and their families, a future built on Excellence, Empowerment, Creativity, Diversity, and Efficiency.

Anchored Care offers a comprehensive range of services designed to empower individuals and enhance their quality of life:

Short-Term Accommodation (STA) and Respite: Anchored Care recognises the importance of respite for both participants and their support coordinators. Their well-maintained and comfortable facilities serve as a sanctuary where participants can unwind, engage in recreational activities, and rejuvenate while their primary caregivers take a well-deserved break. These respite services are tailored to cater to the unique needs of each participant and their family members.

Supported Independent Living (SIL) and Medium-Term Accommodation (MTA): Participants at Anchored Care are provided with the tools and support necessary to gain independence, cultivate life skills, and establish a solid foundation for the future. Anchored Care’s dedicated team ensures a nurturing, supportive, and inclusive living environment where participants can flourish, with empowerment as a core value.

In-Home Support: Creativity lies at the heart of Anchored Care’s in-home support services. They deliver personalised care within the familiar confines of participants’ own homes, creating an environment that values creativity and flexibility. Their highly trained and compassionate staff offer assistance with daily activities, personal care, and companionship.

Community Access: Anchored Care is dedicated to celebrating diversity by promoting community integration and social participation. Their community access programs enable participants to engage with their communities, develop social skills, and partake in recreational activities.

What truly sets this incredible organisation apart are their core values and vision which is clear and profound: to make a positive and lasting impact in the lives of individuals with disabilities. Their commitment to providing the highest quality care, fostering independence, promoting inclusivity, and achieving all this with the utmost efficiency is unwavering.

For Support Coordinators and Participants searching for disability support services that prioritise excellence, empowerment, creativity, diversity, and efficiency, Anchored Care is the answer. Contact Anchored Care today and discover how they can anchor you to quality care and support.

Join Anchored Care on a journey toward a more inclusive and compassionate disability industry. Together, they are making a meaningful difference in the lives of those they serve, offering not just services, but a pathway to a brighter future.