Introducing Mark McGrath: The Heart and Soul of Our Expos

Imagine a life brimming with adventure, laughter, and the warmth of genuine connections—a life where your smile becomes a beacon of acceptance and joy for all who encounter it. That’s the essence of Mark McGrath, one of our most cherished volunteers, eagerly awaiting each visitor with a radiant smile at most of our disability expos.
As one of our most dedicated volunteers, Mark goes above and beyond to ensure everyone feels valued and included. Whether extending a warm greeting at the door or making connections throughout the expo, his passion for creating a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere shines through.
At just 53 years young and retired, Mark is living his best life and has never shied away from adventure; the adrenaline junkie has scaled mountains to descending cliffs, rock climbing and abseiling. Now, Mark has channelled his passion for excitement into serving our community through volunteering, using boundless energy and zest for life to positively impact others.
Since bidding farewell to his office job four years ago, he has become a black belt in volunteering. Over the past four years alone, he has generously lent his time and talents to an impressive tally of 20 of our expos. Mark isn’t just a volunteer—he’s a beloved mascot at our expos, welcoming all he comes across with warmth.
“It’s not just about volunteering; it’s about connecting with others and inspiring them to live their best lives,” Mark shares. “From chatting with people at the front door to networking and exploring the stalls, every moment at the expos is an opportunity to make a positive impact. I’ve also made some good friends, too many to mention.”
Whether promoting disability awareness or rallying others to join his Facebook group, The Social Platform, which is aimed at bringing people together to enjoy social outings in his hometown of the Gold Coast, Mark is dedicated to getting people together through organised events like lunch dates, bowling outings, and trivia nights.
As for his next project, Mark is passionate about advocating for accessible travel after his accessibility challenges. Reflecting on his experiences, Mark says, ‘Traveling and accessibility is a big issue for people with disabilities, and I would like to change that.’
Look out for Mark at the front door at one of our expos this year. He’ll be there to greet you with a warm smile and his positive, radiating energy.