Silkwood Homes are specialised SDA Builders

Silkwood Homes - GONZ3143

Silkwood Homes are specialised SDA builders with years of experience building LHA & SDA compliant dwellings.

Their specialist team works with the disabled, families, providers, support staff and investors to design and construct dwellings across all of the compliance levels. We guarantee compliance on all builds to the latest NDIS design standards to provide peace of mind to all parties.

Everhomes is an SDA provider with a difference. Drawing from decades of experience advocating for human rights including better accommodation, Everhomes starts on your side, partnering with you and your networks to provide the very best Specialist Disability Accommodation for your needs. As a preferred provider of Silkwood Homes, Everhomes and their advisory board provide direct feedback into housing designs ensuring the SDA dwellings being built are houses you, your loved one or client will want to live in. Once the build is completed Everhomes will continue to support you in your new SDA home ensuring your happiness, security and long term stability.

With so much choice when it comes to your SDA Builder and SDA provider, Silkwood Homes and Everhomes together provide a holistic service that ensures not only an exceptional build for your house, but the opportunity for your voice to be heard when it comes to the design, who you want live with and who you want to support you.  It’s your home, so it should be your choice.  If you don’t have time to wait for a new build, have a chat with us about what is upcoming or available now.

We’d love to have the chance to discuss your housing needs with you – Let us help you find your way home!

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