What does Guide You Home do?


Guide You Home can help at every stage of your SDA journey. First the good news! If you’re looking for an SDA home, you’ve come to the right place. BlueCHP, through its Guide You Home initiative will customise homes for all SDA participants.

Now for the difficult bit. Let’s be clear, building homes for people under the NDIS is tough. Government funding is tight, property prices are rising and the additional cost of constructing an SDA home means there are trade-offs and difficult decisions. Persisting however is absolutely worth it! Our promise is to be upfront about the challenges and be clear about what’s possible.

Development is our bread and butter. BlueCHP is a specialist developer of social, affordable and disability housing. We have completed over 80 SDA homes, with another 20 currently under development. We have an experienced team who are ready to start a discussion with you about your new home.

Our approach is to build, finance and own SDA homes. We offer long-term leases to SDA participants. We know this is not for everyone. Some people want to own their own SDA home and that’s fine. We do offer a fee for service on the development for those who wish to own their own home. We believe however a long-term lease is the better option because it provides security of tenure while taking the stress out of building an SDA home.

When BlueCHP owns the SDA home you won’t have to organise finance, manage consultants or navigate your Development Approval through the council. It also means you won’t need to worry about dealing with the NDIA when it comes to SDA compliance issues.

Not your typical property developer. BlueCHP is a not-for-profit charity and Community Housing Provider, we don’t have shareholders, which means every dollar we make is reinvested into more homes for more people. Through our new Guide You Home initiative, we are partnering with investors to get the finances sorted so you won’t have to search for your own loan. Our partners have realistic expectations about their return, which means your funding will go further.

Seven steps to move into your new home

Step 1 – LET’S CHAT

We may already have a home ready for you to move into, so please get in touch. If you’re looking for a newly built home, let’s have a chat about what you’ve got in mind and how we can help.


We’ll organise a meeting with you and your support team, including your Supported Independent Living (SIL) provider and Occupational Therapist (OT). If you don’t have a SIL or OT, we’ll happily refer you.


This is where we start getting down to the detail. We’ll organise for an OT to write you a Housing Scope which says where you’d like to live and lays out everything you need to make it the right home for you.


Our development team will work with you, your Occupational Therapist, extended care team and family, to write a Housing Proposal that gets into even more detail about the design and how long you can expect it all to take. You get to review the plan and give the final OK.


We manage finances, planning, architecture and consultants. This is our bread and butter so you can leave it all to us. We get the home built to the agreed timeline. You’ll be there every step of the way.

Step 6 – MOVE IN!

This is the fun part. Welcome home. Make it your own.


Because we’re developing a portfolio of housing, of different types and in numerous locations, we’ll be able to offer you choice and ongoing services. Want a change of scenery? No problem. Got a leaky tap? We’re onto it. Need some emergency repairs? We’ll handle it.